The People's State: East German Society from Hitler to Honecker

The People's State: East German Society from Hitler to Honecker

Mary Fulbrook

What was once lifestyles fairly like for East Germans, successfully imprisoned at the back of the Iron Curtain? The headline tales of chilly struggle spies and surveillance through the key police, of political repression and corruption, don't inform the total tale. After the unification of Germany in 1990 many East Germans remembered their lives as fascinating, different, and whole of academic, occupation, and relaxation possibilities: in lots of methods “perfectly usual lives.”

Using the wealthy assets of the newly-opened GDR documents, Mary Fulbrook investigates those conflicting narratives. She explores the transformation of East German society from the ruins of Hitler’s 3rd Reich to a modernizing business nation. She examines altering conceptions of normality inside an authoritarian political approach, and offers impressive insights into the ways that participants perceived their rights and actively sought to form their very own lives.

Replacing the simplistic black-and-white inspiration of “totalitarianism” by means of the suggestion of a “participatory dictatorship,” this booklet seeks to reinstate the East German humans as actors of their personal history.

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