The Reality Slap: Finding Peace and Fulfillment When Life Hurts

The Reality Slap: Finding Peace and Fulfillment When Life Hurts

Russ Harris

The “reality slap” takes many alternative kinds. occasionally, it’s extra like a punch: the loss of life of a family member, a major sickness, a divorce, the lack of a task, a freak coincidence, or a surprising betrayal. occasionally it’s a bit gentler. Envy, loneliness, resentment, failure, unhappiness, and rejection can sting simply as a lot. yet no matter what shape your truth slap takes, one thing’s for sure—it hurts! And so much people don’t take care of the soreness very well.

The truth Slap deals a four-part course for therapeutic from crises according to popularity and dedication remedy. In those pages, you'll learn the way to:

• locate peace in the course of your pain
• Rediscover calm in the middle of chaos
• flip tough feelings into knowledge and compassion
• locate achievement, even if you can’t get what you want
• Heal your wounds and emerge improved than before

Unlike a few self-help books that declare you could have every little thing you ever sought after in existence, when you merely positioned your brain to it, this booklet claims that you simply can't have every little thing in existence. The demanding fact of this global is that we're all going to event sadness, frustration, failure, loss, rejection, disorder, damage, getting older, and demise at some point soon. in spite of the fact that, even with all this, one could lead a wealthy and worthwhile existence. permit this ebook be your guide.

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