The Revolution of Al Husayn (as)

The Revolution of Al Husayn (as)

Shaykh Muhammad Mahdi Shams al-Din - XKP

The Revolution of Al Husayn (as) - Its effect at the recognition of Muslim Society.

Within the placement which existed, revolution at any time, or in anyplace, may have, political, social and fiscal factors, which impel a bunch of individuals to a movement-by force-against the present state of affairs, no matter if simply because that scenario represents a deviation from an excellent which has been portrayed and is found in the religion of the umma, or simply because that scenario doesn't reply to the aspirations of that workforce of people that symbolize the elite in the umma.

By its luck or failure, a revolution will produce effects. on the subject of luck the results may be represented through the switch within the conceptions and associations within the society. this may be comprehensive via their transformation from their earlier shape to the shape recommend within the slogans of the revolutionaries after they launched into their revolution. on the subject of failure, the end result will bring about the present regime intensifying measures of repression for you to improve its foundations and make the conceptions which it applies to society extra deeply-rooted by way of coverage, the economic climate, society and different concerns of standard life.

Translated from the Arabic via I.K.A. Howard



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