The Silk Road: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)

The Silk Road: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)

James A. Millward

The word "silk road" inspires brilliant scenes of retailers top camel caravans throughout large stretches to exchange unique items in glittering Oriental bazaars, of pilgrims braving bandits and frozen mountain passes to unfold their religion throughout Asia. taking a look at the truth in the back of those photos, this Very brief creation illuminates the ancient history opposed to which the silk street flourished, laying off gentle at the value of old-world cultural alternate to Eurasian and international background.

On the single hand, historian James A. Millward treats the silk street generally, to face in for the cross-cultural verbal exchange among peoples around the Eurasian continent when you consider that a minimum of the Neolithic period. at the different, he highlights particular examples of products and ideas exchanged among the Mediterranean, Persia, India, and China, in addition to the importance of those exchanges. whereas together with silks, spices, and travelers' stories of colourful locales, the publication explains the dynamics of significant Eurasian historical past that promoted Silk highway interactions--especially the position of nomad empires--highlighting the significance of the organic, technological, inventive, highbrow, and spiritual interchanges around the continent. Millward indicates that those exchanges had a profound impact at the outdated international that used to be equivalent to, if now not at the scale of, smooth globalization. He additionally disputes the concept that the silk highway declined after the cave in of the Mongol empire or the outlet of direct sea routes from Europe to Asia, displaying how silk street phenomena persevered throughout the early smooth and smooth growth of the Russian and chinese language states throughout critical Asia.

Millward concludes that the assumption of the silk highway has remained robust, not just as a favored identify for boutiques and eating places, but in addition in smooth politics and international relations, equivalent to U.S. Secretary of kingdom Hilary Clinton's "Silk street Initiative" for India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan

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