The Straits of Galahesh: Book Two of The Lays of Anuskaya

The Straits of Galahesh: Book Two of The Lays of Anuskaya

Bradley P. Beaulieu

West of the Grand Duchy of Anuskaya lies the Empire of Yrstanla, the Motherland. The Empire has lived at peace with Anuskaya for generations, yet with political turmoil brewing and the losing affliction nonetheless rampant, opportunists from the mainland have all started to set their points of interest at the Grand Duchy, looking to extend their empire.

5 years have handed seeing that Prince Nikandr, inheritor to the scepter of Khalakovo, was once tasked with discovering Nasim, the kid prodigy in the back of a dangerous summoning that resulted in a grand conflict among the armies of guy and elder elemental spirits. this present day, that boy has grown right into a younger guy pushed to appreciate his prior - and the darkness from which Nikandr woke up him. Nikandr's lover, Atiana, has turn into a Matra, casting her spirit forth to discover, impression, and shield the Grand Duchy. but if the Al-Aqim, lengthy idea misplaced to the earlier, go back to the islands and threaten to lead to indaraqiram - a metamorphosis that implies convinced destruction for either the Landed and the Landless - sour enemies needs to turn into allies and stand opposed to their awful plans.

Can the Grand Duchy be kept? the reply lies hidden in the Straits of Galahesh...

From Bradley P. Beaulieu, writer of the severely acclaimed debut novel The Winds of Khalakovo, comes publication of The Lays of Anuskaya, The Straits of Galahesh.

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