The Vanished Imam: Musa Al Sadr and the Shia of Lebanon

The Vanished Imam: Musa Al Sadr and the Shia of Lebanon

Fouad Ajami

AKA "Vanished Imam"

Ebook Released: 2012

In the summer time of 1978, Musa al Sadr, the non secular chief of the Muslim Shia sect in Lebanon, disappeared mysteriously whereas on a trip to Libya. As within the Shia fable of the "Hidden Imam," this modern day Imam left his fans upholding his legacy and looking forward to his go back. thought of an interloper while he had arrived in Lebanon in 1959 from his local Iran, he steadily assumed the function of charismatic mullah, and used to be instrumental in reworking the Shia, a quiescent and downtrodden Islamic minority, into dedicated political activists.

What kind of individual used to be Musa al Sadr? What ideals within the Shia doctrine did his lifestyles embrace? the place did he healthy into the tangle of Lebanon's warring factions? What used to be in the back of his disappearance? during this interesting and compelling narrative, Fouad Ajami resurrects the Shia's ignored background, either far-off and up to date, and interweaves the existence and paintings of Musa al Sadr with the bigger strands of the Shia past.

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