Tiassa (Vlad)

Tiassa (Vlad)

Steven Brust

Long in the past, one of many gods formed an artifact referred to as the silver tiassa. To Devera the Wanderer, it is a lovely toy to play with. To Vlad Taltos, it is a convenient prop for a con he is working. To the Empire, it is a device for use opposed to their maximum enemies―the Jenoine. To the Jhereg, it is a capture to kill Vlad.

The silver tiassa, even if, had its personal agenda.

Steven Brust's Tiassa tells a narrative that threads its approach via greater than ten years of the amazing lifetime of Vlad Taltos―and, to the satisfaction of longtime fanatics, brings him including Khaavren, from The Phoenix Guards and its sequels. Khaavren should be Vlad's most sensible friend―or his so much negative enemy.

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