TOP CASES of The FBI - Vol. I

TOP CASES of The FBI - Vol. I

RJ Parker

the most attention-grabbing legislations Enforcement enterprises on this planet is the FBI. From the J. Edgar Hoover days to give, the Bureau has investigated the main recognized instances, together with, mobsters, gangs, financial institution robbers, and terrorism. they've got additionally got a couple of black eyes together with, Waco Siege, and Ruby Ridge. 

From the roaring 20s to fashionable days, RJ Parker has written the genuine existence occasions of instances that made significant headlines all around the nation. every one bankruptcy during this ebook, is dedicated to the biography (or historical past) of recognized mobsters and horrendous occasions that the FBI has dealt with because the starting of the agency. 

These instances include: 

John Dillinger and his Gang of financial institution Robbers 
Mobster John Gotti 
Bonnie and Clyde 
Mobster Al Capone 
The Jonestown Massacre 
Oklahoma urban Bombing 
The Unabomber 
The 1986 FBI Miami Shootout (In the road of fire) 
Ruby Ridge 
Patty Hearst 
The D.C. Beltway Snipers

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