Under the Bridge: The True Story of the Murder of Reena Virk

Under the Bridge: The True Story of the Murder of Reena Virk

Rebecca Godfrey

It has been a protracted highway to justice for Reena Virk, overwhelmed andmurdered by the hands of her teenage friends. Th  homicide of this woman is oneof the main infamous and heartbreaking situations in Canadian heritage. the following, for thefirst time, acclaimed writer Rebecca Godfrey finds the lovely fact approximately aCanadian tragedy that captured overseas headlines.

Who have been the doubtless traditional suburban children who foundthemselves less than the bridge in Victoria, BC, at the evening of November 14, 1997?Why could a woman who longed to be their good friend be crushed and killed? and the way didso many childrens continue negative secrets and techniques from mom and dad, lecturers and police foreight days? those are the questions we all were asking, and in

Under the Bridge

the solutions are printed in a stunningnarrative. Godfrey spent six years studying the case, carrying out exclusiveinterviews with mom and dad, classmates, police, prosecutors and, might be mostimportantly, numerous of the youths, together with Warren Glowatski, one of many twoteenagers convicted of murdering Virk. Godfrey additionally witnessed firsthand the manytrials of Kelly Ellard, additionally stumbled on in charge of killing a woman who simply sought after tofit in.

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