Understanding the Universe:From Quarks to the Cosmos

Understanding the Universe:From Quarks to the Cosmos

Don Lincoln

The giant Bang, the start of the universe, used to be a novel occasion. all the subject of the universe used to be centred at a unmarried aspect, with temperatures so excessive that even the general protons and neutrons of atoms didn't but exist, yet quite have been changed through a swirling maelstrom of power, subject and antimatter. unique quarks and leptons flickered in short into lifestyles, ahead of merging again into the strength sea.

This booklet explains the interesting international of quarks and leptons and the forces that govern their habit. informed from an experimental physicist's standpoint, it forgoes mathematical complexity, utilizing in its place rather obtainable figures and apt analogies. as well as the tale of quarks and leptons, that are considered as well-accepted truth, the writer who's a number one researcher on the world's optimum power particle physics laboratory additionally discusses mysteries on either the experimental and theoretical frontier, earlier than tying all of it including the fascinating box of cosmology and certainly the start of the universe itself.

The textual content spans the tiny international of the quark to the depths of the universe with unparalleled readability. The informal pupil of technological know-how will delight in the cautious contrast among what's identified (quarks, leptons and antimatter), what's suspected (Higgs bosons, neutrino oscillations and explanation why the universe has so little antimatter) and what's simply dreamed (supersymmetry, superstrings and additional dimensions). incorporated is an exceptional bankruptcy explaining the accelerators and detectors of contemporary particle physics experiments. The bankruptcy discussing the quest for the Higgs boson, at present eating the efforts of approximately one thousand physicists, lends drama that in basic terms big-stakes technological know-how can provide. Understanding the Universe leaves the reader with a deep appreciation of the attention-grabbing particle realm and simply how a lot it determines the wealthy fantastic thing about our universe.


  • Early History
  • The route to wisdom (History of Particle Physics)
  • Quarks and Leptons
  • Forces: What Holds all of it Together
  • Hunting for the Higgs
  • Accelerators and Detectors: instruments of the Trade
  • Near time period Mysteries
  • Exotic Physics (The subsequent Frontier)
  • Recreating the Universe 10,000,000 occasions a Second
  • Epilogue: Why can we Do It?

Readership: scholars, scientists and lay people.

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