Well of the Unicorn

Well of the Unicorn

Fletcher Pratt

Robbed of lands and background by way of the rapacious Vulkings, younger Airar Alvarson had simply his restricted reward for sorcery to help him opposed to an international of savage intrigues. Then he met a mysterious sorcerer and was once given a wierd iron ring -- a hoop that led him right into a futile conspiracy and shortly had him fleeing for his life.

Driven by way of enchantments and future, he stumbled on himself best a band of warriors opposed to the potent empire of the Vulkings. With him used to be a warrior maid who mocked him whereas she sought to serve through reasonable capability or foul. Then he met the Imperial Princess who preached the peace of the good however it quickly turned obvious she could carry him in simple terms turmoil and strife!

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