Winter Men

Winter Men

Jesper Bugge Kold

As the darkish specter of the Nazis settles over Germany, prosperous and expert brothers are unexpectedly thrust into the emerging tide of struggle. Karl, a former soldier and winning businessman, dutifully solutions the decision to safeguard his nation, whereas contemplative educational Gerhard is coerced into informing for the Gestapo. quickly the brothers are serving within the SS, and as Hitler’s hateful schedule brings approximately unspeakable atrocities, they locate themselves with blameless blood on their hands.

Following Germany’s eventual defeat, Karl and Gerhard are haunted via their insurmountable guilt, and every seeks the way to break out from wounds that would by no means heal. They survived the warfare and its revelation of systematic horrors, yet can they live to tell the tale the unshakable wisdom in their personal culpability?

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