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We cater to a large audience of diverse individuals searching for information on television technology, electronics, and other consumer products. Our latest traffic statistics from Google Analytics show that we received 46,407 unique visits for the month of September, 2010 with a total of 84,898 page views. If you would like more information about traffic visitors at, please use our contact us form to send us an email.

Did you know that is an approved Google News Publisher?

We were approved to be a Google News Publisher back in July, 2010. Google News is a news aggregater that generates headlines from news sources worldwide and then displays them within search results and the Google News webpage. Several of our stories on HDTV, TV shows, and Digital Television have ranked at the top of Google News search results in 2010.

What advertising slots and types of advertising programs are available?

Slots are available for all scenarios. We can custom tailor ad positions and locations to suit your needs, including:

Text link or banner ads
Unique placement of ads based on location
Display of ad based on content or types of forum conversations
Sitewide or exclusive page advertisements

We offer many cost effective options for advertisers on These include fixed monthly rates, CPC (Cost Per Click), and CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions). We’re always open to suggestions as well to help our advertisers increase ROI.

Advertiser satisfaction is our guarantee

Advertisers who choose for placement of ads will receive direct contact information (phone number and a direct email address) to the website adminstrator (Jay). We’ll work with you on any questions or concerns before, during, and after your ad campaign.

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