AM Radio is wrong: FREE OTA Covered The Entire Debate


Last Saturday night, a GOP Presidential Primary Debate was telecast on CBS Television. This week, both NPR and right-wing (radio) talkers attacked CBS Television claiming only 60 minutes of the 90 minute debate was televised … perhaps in other regions but not true in Seattle!

Example: Michael Medved who lives near me, was one of many mistaken talkers … oh, I forgot – he doesn’t own a TV set … so why did he say on his Nationally syndicated Radio Show (paraphrased) “CBS ‘lost’ video toward the end of the debate” … ? Nonsense.

Although KIRO-7 (39) carried only the first 60 minutes of the debate on their main HD 7.1 channel, the KIRO 7.2 sub-channel (SD) usually dedicated to the RTV Network was pre-empted and the remaining 30 minutes of the debate was televised. I cannot say for certain if the first hour was televised on 7.2 because I watched 7.1 the first hour.

KIRO-7 has many regional translators, so the Pacific Northwest was well provided with the opportunity to watch the debate for anyone who receives FREE OTA signals and that would include Michael Medved. I’d love to set him up with an antenna system for FREE TV reception at his home.


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  1. dkreichen1968 says

    The last half hour wasn’t carried on the Colorado front range by either KCNC CBS 4 Denver or KKTV 11 Colorado Springs.

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