An Immersive Revolution is Coming – The Oculus Rift


The last decade has seen a revolution in the way that people interact with technology, with companies like Apple, Netflix, and Sony revolutionizing both interfaces that we use and content that we have access to. Consumers are getting ready for the next revolution in the way that they interact with technology, only this time it won’t be in the form of a streaming service or a touch screen but rather in the form of a headset that offers an immersive environment.

The meteoric rise of the Oculus rift from a basement gadget with a Kickstarter campaign to a game changing technology that was courted by huge companies before finally being sold to Facebook is nothing short of astounding. What’s more, it’s managed to stay relevant in the last year as it has found it’s way into the mainstream imagination.

How the Oculus Rift Works

What’s the science behind this much buzzed about gadget?

The Oculus Rift itself takes advantage of how a person’s brain understands the world. The devices uses two screens with different images to trick the brain into thinking that it’s actually immersed in a world that’s real. This stereoscopic imagery creates a feeling of virtual reality for the user. That immersion experience is added to by a tracking system that follows the movement of the head of the wearer, allowing the journeys that are completely engrossing for the user.

There are other products on the market, most notably the Sony Project Morpheus and the HTC Vive. Thus far these systems have not generate the buzz or the good reviews that have showered the Oculus Rift.

The Buzz

With wins at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards this week, the Oculus Rift is riding a wave of excitement. Those wins come for The Sleepy Hollow: Virtual Reality Experience and are part of the incredible run that the Oculus is seeing. This growth is really driven by the creative energy that goes into the development of this revolutionary system, and is the real reason that so many are falling in love with it. Content for the system is rich, with full 360 degree turns and an innovative interface that uses handsets that have never been seen before, but which effectively capture a wide range of motions and offer the ability to interact with an incredible variety of immersive environments.

Recently it’s been widely reported that there will be a consumer version of the system available next year, which has gotten fans excited to say the least. Here are the details that are out so far.

– the new consumer Rift headset has been unveiled by Oculus
– pricing isn’t yet available, but could be upwards of $500
– the price does not include a high end computer, which is necessary for functionality
– availability to consumers is expected to begin in early 2016
– preorder set to begin later this year
– trial headsets will be available in retail stores
– more details are expected on September 23 at the Oculus Connect 2 conference, including firm pricing and full details of the consumer version

Stay tuned for further updates on this extremely exciting product!

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