Another recycling fee for consumers


Just when we thought the cost of flat panel HDTVs was going down. The Government wants to put programs in effect to offset the cost of recycling the old sets.

Today, state lawmakers will hear a bill that would make manufacturers, rather than municipalities, responsible for recycling unwanted televisions, computer monitors, and other electronics – items that can harm human health and the environment if not disposed of properly.

Over the past several years, electronics companies have opposed producer responsibility bills in Massachusetts and elsewhere, citing the transfer of costs to consumers and their preference for voluntary or national efforts. At the same time, large manufacturers and retailers are increasingly designing their own programs.

Here we go again. The Government will jump in and find a way to charge a fee before private business can design their own programs.

Bill would have manufacturers foot bill for TV recycling – The Boston Globe

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  1. Mockingbird says

    This really does not surprize me, I can imagine what would happen if they start adding a VAT to the companies on top of it. I do think the proper handleing of certain types of waste is important to keep the enviornment clean. I wonder if there is any way to recycle this stuff? Does it end up in landfill or something? Same thing with things like cell phone batteries what happens to them after we take them to the drop off sites? I always wondered

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