Battle for Over-The-Air Broadcast Spectrum


A Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) backed study claiming that the broadcast spectrum is worth much more if used for mobile broadband services, has drawn much attention from state broadcasters.

In comments to the FCC, state broadcast associations nationwide spoke with one voice, telling the FCC to “quickly and decisively reject calls for reallocation of television broadcast spectrum.”

The study had concluded that the broadcast spectrum is worth 5 times more if auctioned off to mobile broadband providers than if it were to be continued being used by television broadcasters.

State broadcasters have taken exception to the study,

“Government action that would make the American public permanently and irrevocably dependent on subscription multichannel services would be immensely counterproductive, especially when the government is trying to extend broadband penetration

Read more at: State Broadcasters Want FCC To Reject Reallocation of Spectrum – 2009-11-16 18:45:13 | Broadcasting & Cable

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