cnet reviews 3D HDTV – Advises grabbing a sick bag


 Aptly titled, “DirecTV launches first all-3D channel, we almost launch lunch”, technology super-site Cnet posted a small review on 3D television viewing a couple of days ago.

Specced with a HR24 high-def DVR, 65-inch Panasonic TC-P65VT25, and some super geeky 3D glasses, David Katzmaier of Cnet says of the 3D experience, “Our first experience watching n3D, DirecTV’s new, exclusive all-3D TV channel, was a mixed bag. At times we felt we needed an airline sickness bag.” Complaints about 3D have arisen, specifically on whether viewers can handle 3D viewing for extended amounts of time, and with the current state of the US economy, one has to wonder if consumers will adopt 3D televisions.

What does 3D cost for home viewers? 3D high definition television sets are selling for a $300-$1000 premium over “old fashioned” HD TVs. Also, 3D glasses are not included with some 3D TVs, which adds to the price as well at $150-$250 a piece for each viewer.

Have you demo’d 3D TV yet? Post a comment and let us know what you think.

Link to Cnet review:

  1. Fringe Reception says

    HA! That reminds me, there is an online Airline ‘Barf Bag Museum’ I found a few years ago!

  2. Jason Fritz says

    lol, there’s a museum for everything. Eight Museums You Won't Be Bored By

    1. Juan says


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  3. Orrymain says

    You guys need to start cutting and pasting. I don’t have time to click all over cyberspace lol … but I love that line about the barf bag. These day, anything is culture to someone out there.

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