redesign by FCC


Visited today and was shocked at the recent site resdesign the FCC did over this past weekend.

Looks much better! Some of the newer and welcomed changes include:

  • Local Help Section: If you’re having problems connecting a converter box or receiving a weak signal message, the FCC now has a searchable database of local resources to help with the digital transition. Note: I entered my own zip code into the search box, and received links to three local TV broadcast stations with “Walk in Centers”.
  • Event Calendar: A clickable calendar now offers an easy way to see what’s happening with DTV walk in centers, Exhibits, and DTV demonstration booths.
  • TV Station Transition Bar Graph: now features a progress bar graph that displays the percentage of U.S. full power television stations that have already transitioned to digital television only signals. Note: Pretty Cool!
  • Other Notable Changes: Transition Statistics, DIY Videos, and Reception Maps are all easily accessible also looks much more professional, so my hats off to the FCC for doing a good job with the site redesign.

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