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dtvusaforum.com provides the latest real time information, commentary, analysis and opinion on topics centered around television and media. It is our mission to provide accurate and timely information to readers based on the following criteria…

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Editorial Guidelines

Articles published on DTVUSAForum must be newsworthy current events and will be pre-approved in the sole discretion of our reporters and editors.

News articles must have a minimum word count of 100 words. Newsworthy articles must adhere to stating facts and maintain a non-opinionated editorial stance. If a reporter, editor, or forum poster decides to include their own opinion or commentary on a news story, the article must be placed in the “Opinion” category of our content section.

If an article has misspelled words or contain grammatically incorrect errors, it will not be approved for Google News publication.

Editorial Process

An editor, moderator, contributor, or administrator must review a story before approving or promoting an article for Google News Publication. Articles must be written accurately, grammatically correct, and contain original content. If an article meets these basic guidelines, it will be submitted to Google News publication for consideration.

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The DTVUSAForum staff encourages individuals to submit news and opinions on topics related to media, including:

Research (including personal experience or firsthand accounts)
Opinions on local, national, and international issues
Commentary on current events or public figures
Reviews of music, film, television shows, or other media

Viewing DTVUSAForum News

Access to all news on DTVUSAForum is free from any web browser, mobile phone, or device connected to the internet. We also DO NOT require a membership to view stories published on our website. If you would like to comment on a story, you will need to register for a free account here.

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