FCC: New Applicant Rules for Rural DTV LPTV and Translators


This week the FCC “cut-off” LPTV, translator and Class A displacement applications filed for channels vacated in the transition in its Public Notice (DA 09-1487) [PDF] announcing “commencement of nationwide, first-come, first-served digital licensing for low power television and TV translator services.”

The new licenses are for digital operation only and new Class A licenses will not be offered. Applicants for licenses in rural areas more than 121 kilometers (75 miles) from the 100 cities listed in Appendix A of the Public Notice can begin filing applications August 25, 2009. Applications for new licenses and major modifications for LPTV and TV translator stations anywhere in the country will be accepted starting Jan. 25, 2010. For a look at DTV reception in an area some may not consider rural, see the article Digital TV means no TV for rural folks in the Newark Advocate.

by Doug Lung, 07.02.2009

Article from: FCC Announces App Rules for Rural DTV LPTV and Translators, by Doug Lung

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