Google Chromecast Goes 2.0


Google is launching a new, much more robust version of its Chromecast device, and its set to revolutionize the way that we watch video content in a similar way to how Gmail, Google Search and Google Maps have come to dominate the landscape of other digital forms of interaction.

The new Chromecast 2.0 comes in two versions: an audio box that plugs directly into any speaker, and an HDMI video box that plugs directly into your TV. Box is a clunky word for the sleek, round little marvels of technology that these two bits of tech are. The Chromcast 2.0 steps up the design of its predecessor tremendously, coming in several eye-popping colors and with a modern, disc like design that is as appealing to the eye as it is with regards to its content. What’s really impressive about the design is that it’s not a piece that’s meant to be seen – the video version hangs behind your TV.

Google is doing with the Chromecast 2.0 the same thing that it’s done with most of its previous innovations: providing the means by which users can gain access to more content. As usual, Google isn’t interested in generating content, only connecting people to each other so that they can get the content to each other. Google is really interested in being the middleman of modern communication.

With a pricetag of just $35, Google Chromecast 2.0 is an incredible bargain compared to its much pricier competitors who are clocking in at nearly three to six times that price. Roku and Amazon Fire may have perhaps pioneered the market of adding streaming TV accessibility to the masses, but Google is perfecting it once again. Google Chromecast in its current version already dominates the market with 20 million unit sold since its launch in 2013. The offerings that are available have expanded dramatically in that time, with more and more offering increasing all of the time.

Google already offers Android TV, though the concept never really caught on and proved to be more than many were willing to pay for smart television services streamed into their homes. The Chromecast 2.0 represents an attempt by Google to offer more accessibility to a wider audience. Offerings that are available on Chromecast now range from the Travel Channel to HBO to NFL Sunday Ticket. The device can be controlled from any smart device like a tablet or phone, and allows the user to control over wifi with ease and simplicity. There are a few hangups, most notably in the time that it takes to load videos. The channel surfing experience that so many users enjoy isn’t really possible with streaming TV services yet, but Google is adamant that they are working on it.

Google continues to move toward smartening up our homes, offering low cost solutions for individuals who are not ready to dip a lot of cash into creating a tech soaked home but who are ready to add wifi to everything that can take it.

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