Google Chromecast Ultra: 4K HDTV for $69


Google unveiled their newest version of the Chromecast this week on their blog. The Chromecast Ultra debuts in a crowded streaming TV device market with some power features,which includes support for 4K HDTV video and HDR. Priced at an initial cost of $69, the Ultra is much more cost effective than the Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV.

In addition to better video quality, the Chromecast has a faster processor, which Google claims is 1.8 times faster than the previous Chromecast and includes Chromecast Ultra Details support.

The Chromecast will also come equipped with Google Home, a voice-activated speaker with Google Assistant. Google Assistant can be commanded to manage tasks, and control smart home devices.

Google is planning to have the Chromecast Ultra on shelves in November for $69 from Best Buy, the Google Store, Target, and Walmart in the U.S.


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