Is DTV reception a right or a privilege


I feel for the homeless. It’s an unfortunate situation, but often a choice.

One of the hundreds of old and storied single-room residential hotels still operating in this city, the Alder boasts no kitchens, forcing all who live here to scramble for cheap prepared meals on the outside, mostly fast food. Tenants share bathrooms located in the hallway, incurring long waits for showers and other urgent matters. A bed-bug infestation currently has people reeling.

Formerly homeless, Morgan said television is his lifeline.

“I want to know what’s going on in the world,” Morgan said. “I have that right. We pay rent here, we should feel comfortable here.”

Shouldn’t they be focusing on who to contact for help to become self sufficient? Finding someone to educate and train them in helping them find work? Where to get a healthy meal? Rehabilitating them into society? Not focusing on the fact their rabbit ears will no longer work:confused:
Digital TV Bypassing Skid Row – NAM

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