Netflix Outage October 21, 2010


 It seems that a Netflix outage has occured accoring to tweets posted today on social network Twitter.

Some users are reporting a “Site Error — We were unable to process your request.” while others are unable to get anything to load. The outage affects Web users, set-top boxes, and consoles that utilize streaming Netflix apps.

Netflix acknowledges today’s issue on their site, “We’re sorry, the Netflix website and the ability to instantly watch movies are both temporarily unavailable” but does not provide an estimate of when things will be working again for subscribers.

We reported on an abrupt outage back on Oct. 8th, 2010, which Netflix had corrected within an hour, but today’s outage has gone on for over an hour as of the time this article was posted.

We will have updates as they become available.

Update: Netflix posted a tweet at about 7:15 p.m. ET on Twitter, saying that streaming video was working again on most devices, but warned that some people might have difficulty getting on

  1. Unregistered says

    My netflix went out early evening yesterday (Wed. Oct 20th) and has not been working since….

  2. Unregistered says

    it is 4 10 pm et and netflix is still not working

  3. Unregistered says


  4. Unregistered says

    its 6:50pm and netflix still is out!

  5. n2rj says

    I was wondering why netflix on my iPhone wasn’t working. I was getting the white screen when loading the app and lots of stoppage during playback. This was both on wifi and AT&T.

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