Netflix Picks Up Three New Shows, and The Martian?


The New York Times reported yesterday that Netflix is acquiring the international rights to three new shows – Jane the Virgin, Zoo and Colony.

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not Netflix would continue to buy streaming rights due to its massive push towards content creation. Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, made it a point to reassure consumers and content creators that the company intends to continue buying content to increase its digital library. In the article, Sarandos says, “We are a big buyer, and these guys are in the business of making and monetizing content.”

According to the Times, Netflix intends to spend $6 billion on acquiring content streaming rights in 2016. Compared to the $3.7 billion they spent in 2014, it would seem the streaming company is just as dedicated as ever to creating the largest library of popular film and TV streaming content imaginable.

This is on the back of the Epix deal Netflix just ended, which will see popular movie titles like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Star Trek Into Darkness move to Hulu next month.

Netflix is Looking to Create Its Own Content

Despite Sarandos’ comments and Netflix’s increased spending on content acquisition, there are numerous reports stating that the company does plan to move forward with shooting and producing its own content.

For those who don’t know, Netflix Originals like Orange is the New Black and Daredevil are not actually owned and created by Netflix. All of Netflix’s shows, much like the television shows on major cable networks, are created by production companies that lease the show rights to outlets like Netflix, CBS, USA, etc. While Netflix currently has an exclusive rights deal for all of their original content, you could see such shows on Hulu or even cable networks once their lease is up.

If Netflix does move towards creating its content in-house then they would permanently own the rights to everything they make and not have to worry about renewing content deals to keep their original series as Netflix exclusives.

The issue is that Netflix would wind up paying a lot more money to create their original content and would be taking on more risk per show. Right now the company is testing the waters by filming Chelsea Handler’s new talk show, but only time will tell if they truly push into the production industry or not.

Is Netflix Getting The Martian on October 2nd?

The Martian is the next big blockbuster movie by Ridley Scott, starring Matt Damon, which is set to come out in theaters on October 2nd. It’s been rumored by a few different sources that Netflix is set to stream The Martian (Oct. 2nd) andBridge of Spies (Oct. 16th) on their respective release dates, meaning Netflix users won’t have to leave the comfort of their own home to watch either movie when it’s released.

To be clear, Netflix has not announced that this is happening. It’s just a rumor and 99.99% likely to be completely untrue. If you want to see these movies, you’ll have to either go to theaters or wait for them to come out on Bluray/DVD.

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