New DTV Antenna Tips published by FCC, NAB, CEA, and others


Two new documents for helping consumers with dtv reception were made available on Thursday, (11-19-09), at the Fed’s DTV information site

Participating organizations include:

Association for Maximum Service Television, Consumer Electronics Association, Consumer Electronics Retailers Coalition, FCC, Audiovox, Antennas Direct, Channel Master, National Association of Broadcasters, Winegard

Highlights from both antenna guidelines:

Avoid placing an indoor antenna on top
of (or near) the TV set or in close
proximity to other electrical devices.

Make sure the antenna is capable of receiving
all the over-the-air DTV stations in your area.

Amplified VHF antennas (channels 2-13) may
harm reception.

Do I need an indoor or outdoor antenna?
Generally, if you live within 15 miles of a broadcast tower, you may be able to use an indoor antenna. If you are farther away, you may need to use an outdoor antenna.

Read more about the DTV Antenna Tips at the Government’s DTV Resource website:

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