New On Netflix This Week


It’s a new week! That means new releases come to Netflix. And if you’re a resident of a Northeast city, then you’re probably stuck indoors.

Have no fear, new stuff is here to make your day even more unproductive in the best possible way.

Here’s what you can see on Netflix this week:

February 16th

  • Save the Date – A romantic comedy about a woman who rejects her boyfriend’s proposal and ends up in a rebound relationship.

February 17th

  • The Overnighters – A documentary with rave reviews about people chasing the “American Dream”, searching for a job in a North Dakota town.

    The Overnighters has reviews of being a very emotional journey into the real life search for a job, so that could be one of those pieces that sticks with you long after you watch it. Much like the Don’t Watch These On Netflix post from last week.

    February 18th

  • Earth to Echo – An alien robot lands on earth and a group of kids try to help him back to Earth. Think ET with a more modern robot.

  • In Secret – Controversial movie that takes place in 1860’s France. A woman is forced into a marriage to her own cousin, is miserable, and eventually begins a dangerous affair with her husband’s friend.

  • The Fluffy Movie – A comedy concert that tells the story of Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias.

February 19th

  • White Bird in a Blizzard – A woman’s mother disappears sending her life into a complete tailspin.

February 20th

  • Richie Rich (Season 1) – Harvey Comic’s popular comic book series comes to television….well, Netflix.

February 21st

  • RoboCop – In the year 2028, after a police officer is injured in the line of duty, the opportunity to create a half man/half robot is taken by OmniCorp.

There’s nothing overly anticipated this week, but after the “accidental” release of House of Cards S3 on Netflix last week, I think we could all use a little break from too much action. The great news too, is that most of this week’s releases are movies or documentaries. Nothing too much to commit to. A nice, mostly easy week in New Releases this week.

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