Over-the-air making a comeback?


Has the Digital Transition helped spark an interest in over-the-air (OTA) TV again?

A survey by Harris Corp. earlier this month has garnered little press attention, yet the numbers from the statistical data it provided should send shockwaves through the cable and satellite provider industry.

55 percent of 1,046 viewers polled say they are “somewhat or very likely” to switch from cable or satellite service to antennas for receiving over-the-air television signals.

Demographically, the under 24 years olds were most likely to consider switching to OTA from pay cable or satellite services.

With cable and satellite providers posting dismal (less than 1%) growth rates in the fourth quarter of 2008, and the economy still stuck in a recession…is it “cool” to watch OTA again?

Link to the Harris Survey: http://www.harris.com/harris/whats_new/DTV_survey_results.pdf

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