Roku 4K To Be Released In Early March


The makers of the streaming device, Roku have been really good at keeping their release date secret. If it’s anything like the previous two launches, it should be released in early March. Though some people seem to think it will be pushed to May.

The most recent release, Roku 3, was a huge upgrade from the Roku 2. From the interface to the features, it’s like a completely new device. Roku 3 is pretty near perfect as it is. It’s quick, there are endless apps and channels that you can add, and it rarely freezes or shuts down. It makes one wonder, what will the new 2015 Roku have in store?

One rumor that seems pretty legit is that the new Roku won’t follow in the footsteps of the previous devices with its name. It won’t carry the name Roku 4… but Roku 4k as a way to market its ability to support 4k Ultra HD Streaming. Clever branding move.

Another rumor is that the user interface will be updated greatly. Now, the Roku 3 is pretty easy to use already. And as I said, it’s very fast. It makes me wonder what exactly they could upgrade. The one worry is that they’ll make too many changes making it more complicated, but we’ll just have to trust that Roku knows best.

There is also a promise of a larger RAM size and a greater processing speed. Roku is already on top of their game with the Roku 3 which has room for somewhere around 1,000 channels without compromising any of the speed. Upgrading its capabilities will only set Roku further ahead as a streaming device.

The name change, while not confirmed seems pretty likely since the 4k technology was already announced at CES 2015. The Roku 4 will certainly support this and Netflix has already signed up to be the first online streaming source to offer this technology.

Honestly, I think everyone is excited for the release of Roku4 or Roku4k or RokuD2 (haha), but even if it weren’t to be released until May, we wouldn’t be overly saddened. That’s what happens when you create a quality product. New releases are fun, but when the old is just as great, will there be an overwhelming rush to upgrade at all?

  1. MrPogi says

    “Roku knows best”? Yea, that’s why they gave Dish Network power to approve or ban any international channel, public or private.

    Some form of parental controls would be nice- even if it’s a simple password to access certain channels. I would like to see a user interface that allows me to put channels into groups: TV, Movies, Music, etc. so I don’t have to scroll through hundreds of channels to find the one I am looking for. 4k is a good bet, but most of us can’t affford the bandwidth for 4k – especially when streaming to multiple devices. And I sure can’t afford a shiny new 4k TV!

  2. dkreichen1968 says

    And, I wouldn’t be able to tell any truly discernible difference between 4K and HD anyway.

    1. MrPogi says

      And, I wouldn’t be able to tell any truly discernible difference between 4K and HD anyway.

      Unless you had an ginormus TV and sat very close.

    2. Unregistered says

      And, I wouldn’t be able to tell any truly discernible difference between 4K and HD anyway.

      You obviously haven’t seen a 4k tv vs fhd

      What I don’t get is why you would have a non smart 4k tv to need the roku 4k in the first place, unless you have a sharp Q+ that would require something with HEVC

  3. anthonyzoll says

    sorry I do not have know how to use this my email is Tony Zoll 8860 @ all one word I have any TV I don’t get any regular channels I have the Nexa nt52 converter box my TV does not have an HDMI in the back of it but I am noticing a ruku device in the backI am really just trying to get basic television for now I just moved here and need regular channels for the news excetra can anyone help me

  4. MrPogi says

    What kind of TV do you have, and what model ROKU? Have you tried an antenna?

    A roku won’t get you “regular” stations like CBS, NBC, etc for free. It will get you a lot of on-demand content.

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