The End of OTA, Already in process before the transition is even complete!


Well the CEA is all over killing OTA. Probably some will be left on VHF, with one channel per town, with subs running SD programming to fit in one channel.

The reason stated is the twitter bug texting drones need more bandwidth for their cell phones and PDAs.

The fact of the matter is they already have about 400 MHz of cell phone frequencies. There are only about 300 Mhz left of UHF TV. So they already have taken 200 MHz from TV and 200 more from microwave links. They already own more spectrum than the hog they call OTA.

Being the CEA behind this, it might not make it on the first pass but it will sooner or later. Well I think a lot depends on who gets behind them and who fights them.

It’s all part of the corporate take over of not only USA but the world. Mega mergers with oil, banks, now wireless, medical industry.

This is not a sustainable model for an economy. This is not political, just read economic books. We are not any smarter now, we are not the “new” generation, but just humans about to make even more mistakes that lead to $4 gas (because they killed the alternatives to gasoline over and over), and didn’t we have a huge economic collapse a year ago? Too big to fail? No need to use those out dated restraints on massive monopolies?

Get out your wallets, well if anything is in them…….

Might as well tear down your antenna and go ahead and put up a satellite dish.

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