The New Amazon Fire TV Reviews Are In


Today is the day people are finally receiving their new and improved Amazon Fire TVs. Last month I reported when Amazon told the world all about its new set-top box, and less than three weeks later people are already getting their hands on the latest tech the online marketplace giant has to offer.

As always, there were a number of critics who got their hands on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick first. Does the Fire TV live up to the hype?

Digital Trends Says Yes

Granted, the reviewer for Digital Trends did acknowledge that he’s a fan of Amazon and heavily used the previous iteration at length. However, he went on to review the new Fire TV as objectively as possible and gave it four out of five stars.

The primary positive points he hit on were the increased hardware, the large app selection, 4K Ultra HD integration, improved voice search function, and the increased gaming capabilities.

There were a few asterisks involved in the positives though. Some of the minor issues include:

• If you have an Echo speaker, which also uses Alexa-based voice recognition, it’ll trigger along with your Fire TV’s search function if you say “Alexa” at the start of your command.

• The new hardware, especially on the gaming side of things, isn’t really pushed or taken advantage of yet since no new games have been released in tandem with the Fire TV.

• Only streaming content takes advantage of the 4K capabilities. The user interface maxes out at 1080p.

Sure, points like this are minimal concerns at best, but they give potential buyers an all-inclusive look at what they might be buying in the future.

The Digital Trends review wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There were a few issues their review brought to light, such as the fact that the device isn’t compatible with all 4K Ultra TVs and that it heavily favors Amazon Prime content. Also, the universal search function doesn’t delve into every video streaming application, most notably excluding Netflix. While this issue may been resolved at launch, the reviewer noted that he doesn’t believe it will be.

The Overall Story

The reviews for the Amazon Fire TV mostly follow suit with Digital Trends’ conclusions. As Joe Wilcox said in his first impressions review on, “It’s more of the same only much better.”

As it stands at time of writing, the new Amazon Fire TV store page on Google doesn’t have any reviews. That’ll likely change drastically over the course of the next few days, but it’ll likely garner four stars if the first wave of critic reviews are supported by users.

The Amazon Fire TV is currently available for purchase on for only $99.99, gamers can get the gaming edition for $139.99, and you can get the new version of theAmazon Fire TV Stick for only $39.99. As always, you can get one day shipping and receive your new Amazon set-top box tomorrow if you act fast.

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