What’s New on Netflix this November


You’re probably aware that Netflix rotates in and out content each month, but the streaming service isn’t exactly upfront or transparent with casual audiences about what’s coming and going and when, which is why articles like this exist. The following is a list of the new TV series and movies that are coming to Netflix this November.

Master of None, which is one of two Netflix original comedies premiering this month, is set to debut on November 6th. It stars Aziz Ansari, known primarily for his stand-up comedy and role as Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation, who plays a 30-year-old actor named Dev living in New York. The show follows Dev’s personal and professional life as he tries to figure out where he’s going in life.

W/Bob & David, the second new comedy series coming to Netflix next month, is set to premiere on November 13th. It’s a sketch comedy show featuring Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, which some of you may remember from the 1995 – 1998 HBO hit Mr. Show with Bob and David. Earlier this week Netflix premiered the first sketch of the show on its YouTube page.

Jessica Jones, Netflix’s highly anticipated second original Marvel series, is set to premiere on November 20th. The show’s title character is an ex-superheroine turned private detective, who just wants to live a quiet normal life despite her super strength and abnormally tough physique. The series is meant to be the second of a four-series Marvel tie-in limited-run miniseries called The Defenders, featuring Netflix’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

There isn’t much else coming to Netflix beyond its three new original series. New seasons of Switched at Birth,Gringolandia, The Red Road, Ultimate Spider Man and a few other television series will make appearances throughout the month, but nothing particularly noteworthy.

There’s not a lot going on movies-wise either. The only two movie additions of note are Best of Enemies, a political documentary of critical acclaim written and directed by Morgan Neville and Robert Gordon, and Amor Fou, an Austrian drama written and directed by Jessica Hausner.

Bigger Losses

The streaming service will actually lose more noteworthy motion pictures than it gains. On November 1st Netflix subscribers will no longer be able to stream Fargo, The Blues Brothers or The Last Waltz. Anyone looking for their scary movie fix better get it in on or before Halloween. All five Saw movies and Screamwill be leaving the streaming platform as soon as the spooky festivities come to a close at the beginning of November.

Those looking for a good movie to watch in the coming weeks may want to consider Beasts of No Nation, which currently holds a Rotten Tomatoes critic rating of 90% and a user rating of 94%. Netflix’s first original movie follows the life of a young West African child soldier who’s conscripted into a civil war after his father is killed.

Be sure to check back next month for all the sure to be Christmas fueled additions coming to Netflix this winter.

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