How to Watch the Movie Greyhound Without Apple Tv

How to Watch the Movie Greyhound Without Apple TV

Greyhound, the highly anticipated World War II drama starring Tom Hanks, was released on July 10, 2020. However, many movie enthusiasts were disappointed to learn that it was exclusively available on Apple TV+. If you don’t have an Apple TV subscription, you might be wondering how to watch this gripping film. In this article, we will explore five interesting facts about Greyhound and provide you with alternative ways to watch it without Apple TV.

Interesting Facts about Greyhound:

1. Based on true events: Greyhound is based on the 1955 novel “The Good Shepherd” C.S. Forester. The story follows the fictional Commander Ernest Krause, played Tom Hanks, as he leads an Allied convoy during the Battle of the Atlantic. This intense battle was crucial for the success of the Allies during World War II.

2. Collaboration with the U.S. Navy: Greyhound was created in close collaboration with the United States Navy. The film was shot on board the USS Kidd, a real-life Fletcher-class destroyer, and the navy provided both technical assistance and military expertise to ensure accuracy in the portrayal of the naval operations.

3. Tom Hanks’ passion project: Tom Hanks not only stars in Greyhound but also wrote the screenplay. Hanks had been working on bringing this story to the big screen for over a decade, and his dedication to the project is evident in his portrayal of Commander Krause.

4. High-intensity action: Greyhound is known for its relentless action sequences and gripping suspense. The film captures the chaos and tension faced naval officers during the Battle of the Atlantic. The intense battle scenes, combined with Tom Hanks’ powerful performance, make Greyhound a must-watch for war movie enthusiasts.

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5. Critical acclaim: Despite its digital release, Greyhound has received positive reviews from both critics and audiences. The film has been praised for its realistic depiction of naval warfare and Hanks’ portrayal of a determined commander. If you’re a fan of war dramas, Greyhound is definitely worth watching.

Now, let’s discuss how you can watch Greyhound without an Apple TV subscription:

1. Rent or purchase on Amazon: Greyhound is available for rent or purchase on Amazon Prime Video. Simply visit the Amazon website or use the Prime Video app to access the film. This option allows you to stream Greyhound on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

2. Watch on Vudu: Vudu, a popular digital movie rental and purchase platform, also offers Greyhound for streaming. Vudu supports a wide range of devices, making it accessible to a larger audience. Visit the Vudu website or use the Vudu app to watch Greyhound.

3. Check other streaming platforms: Keep an eye on other streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max, as Greyhound might become available on these platforms in the future. Although it’s not currently streaming on these platforms, licensing agreements can change, and the film might be added to their libraries at a later date.

4. Visit your local cinema: If you prefer the big-screen experience, check if any local cinemas are screening Greyhound. Some independent theaters might have acquired the rights to show the film, so keep an eye out for any announcements in your area.

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5. DVD and Blu-ray release: Greyhound is expected to have a physical release on DVD and Blu-ray. This means you can add it to your movie collection and watch it on your home entertainment system. Keep an eye out for the release date and purchase the film from your favorite retailer.

Common Questions about Watching Greyhound:

1. Is Greyhound available on Netflix?
No, Greyhound is not currently available on Netflix.

2. Can I watch Greyhound on Hulu?
No, Greyhound is not currently available on Hulu.

3. Is Greyhound available on HBO Max?
No, Greyhound is not currently available on HBO Max.

4. Can I watch Greyhound for free?
Greyhound is not available for free streaming. You will need to rent or purchase it from a digital platform.

5. How much does it cost to rent Greyhound on Amazon Prime Video?
The rental price for Greyhound on Amazon Prime Video may vary, but it is generally around $5.99.

6. Can I watch Greyhound on my smartphone?
Yes, you can watch Greyhound on your smartphone using streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video or Vudu.

7. Is Greyhound available with closed captions or subtitles?
Yes, Greyhound is available with closed captions and subtitles on most streaming platforms.

8. Can I watch Greyhound on my smart TV?
Yes, you can watch Greyhound on your smart TV accessing streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video or Vudu through the apps installed on your TV.

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9. Can I watch Greyhound on my gaming console?
Yes, you can watch Greyhound on your gaming console accessing streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video or Vudu through the respective apps available on your console.

10. Can I download Greyhound to watch offline?
Some streaming platforms, like Amazon Prime Video, allow you to download movies for offline viewing. Check the platform’s settings to see if Greyhound can be downloaded.

11. Can I watch Greyhound in 4K resolution?
Yes, Greyhound is available in 4K resolution on certain streaming platforms that support this high-quality format.

12. Is Greyhound available in other languages?
Greyhound is available in multiple languages, depending on the streaming platform and region. Check the platform’s language settings for options.

13. Can I watch Greyhound with my family?
Greyhound is rated PG-13 and is suitable for most audiences. However, it contains intense war scenes that may be unsuitable for very young viewers.

14. When will Greyhound be available on DVD and Blu-ray?
The DVD and Blu-ray release date for Greyhound has not been announced yet. Stay tuned for updates from the film’s distributors.

In conclusion, Greyhound is an enthralling World War II drama that shouldn’t be missed. While it is initially released exclusively on Apple TV+, there are alternative ways to watch it without an Apple TV subscription. Explore options like Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, local cinemas, and physical releases to enjoy this intense naval war film.

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