How Wide Is an 85 Inch Tv

How Wide Is an 85-Inch TV: 5 Interesting Facts

With the constant advancements in technology, television screens have become larger and more impressive than ever before. One of the most popular sizes among home theater enthusiasts is the 85-inch TV. This colossal display offers an immersive and cinematic experience, bringing movies, sports, and gaming to life. If you’re considering purchasing an 85-inch TV, it’s crucial to understand its dimensions and how it will fit into your space. In this article, we will explore how wide an 85-inch TV is, along with five interesting facts about this massive screen size.

1. The width of an 85-inch TV:
The width of an 85-inch TV depends on the aspect ratio. Most 85-inch TVs have a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is the standard for HDTV. In this case, the width of the screen would be approximately 74.1 inches (188 cm). However, it’s important to note that the overall dimensions of the TV, including the bezels, may vary from model to model. Therefore, it’s recommended to check the specifications provided the manufacturer for the exact width.

2. The height of an 85-inch TV:
As mentioned earlier, the aspect ratio plays a crucial role in determining the dimensions of the screen. For an 85-inch TV with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the height would be approximately 41.6 inches (105.7 cm). This measurement is essential to consider when planning the placement of your TV, especially if you’re mounting it on a wall or placing it on a stand.

3. Viewing distance:
To ensure an optimal viewing experience, it’s important to consider the recommended viewing distance for an 85-inch TV. The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers suggests that the distance between the viewer and the screen should be approximately 1.5 to 2.5 times the diagonal screen size. For an 85-inch TV, this translates to a viewing distance of approximately 10.4 to 17.4 feet (3.2 to 5.3 meters). Adhering to this guideline will help you fully appreciate the immersive experience offered such a large display.

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4. Room size considerations:
Before investing in an 85-inch TV, it’s crucial to evaluate the dimensions of your room. Ensure that you have sufficient space to accommodate the TV’s width, height, and recommended viewing distance. Additionally, consider factors such as the placement of furniture, the location of windows, and the distance from the seating area. Properly assessing your room’s size and layout will help you determine if an 85-inch TV is the right choice for your space.

5. Installation challenges:
Due to their massive size, installing an 85-inch TV can present some challenges. The weight of these TVs is typically heavier than smaller models, so it’s important to ensure that your wall or stand can support the weight of the TV. Additionally, maneuvering such a large screen through doorways and narrow hallways can be difficult. It’s recommended to measure your doorways and hallways beforehand to ensure a smooth installation process.

Common Questions about 85-Inch TVs:

1. Can I mount an 85-inch TV on the wall?
Yes, most 85-inch TVs can be wall-mounted. However, make sure to check the mounting specifications and weight capacity of the wall mount to ensure compatibility.

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2. Can I watch regular cable TV on an 85-inch TV?
Yes, you can watch regular cable TV on an 85-inch TV. The TV will upscale the content to fit its resolution.

3. Can I use an 85-inch TV as a computer monitor?
Yes, an 85-inch TV can be used as a computer monitor. However, it’s important to consider the viewing distance and resolution to avoid eye strain.

4. Are there any special considerations for gaming on an 85-inch TV?
Yes, gaming on an 85-inch TV can be immersive, but it’s crucial to ensure that your gaming console or PC can handle the resolution of the TV for optimal performance.

5. Can I use an 85-inch TV in a small room?
Technically, you can use an 85-inch TV in a small room, but it may overwhelm the space. It’s recommended to have a larger room to fully appreciate the size and immersive experience it offers.

6. Is there a difference between 4K and 8K on an 85-inch TV?
Yes, there is a difference. An 8K TV has four times the number of pixels as a 4K TV, resulting in a sharper and more detailed image. However, the availability of 8K content is currently limited.

7. Can I connect my sound system to an 85-inch TV?
Yes, most 85-inch TVs have audio output options, allowing you to connect external sound systems for a more immersive audio experience.

8. Can I watch 3D movies on an 85-inch TV?
No, 3D technology is not commonly available on modern TVs, including 85-inch models.

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9. Can I connect my streaming devices to an 85-inch TV?
Yes, you can connect streaming devices, such as Roku or Amazon Fire Stick, to an 85-inch TV to access various streaming platforms.

10. Do 85-inch TVs come with smart features?
Yes, most 85-inch TVs come with smart features, allowing you to access apps, stream content, and browse the internet directly on the TV.

11. How much does an 85-inch TV weigh?
The weight of an 85-inch TV can vary depending on the model, but it typically ranges from 100 to 150 pounds (45 to 68 kg).

12. Can I watch HDR content on an 85-inch TV?
Yes, most 85-inch TVs support HDR (High Dynamic Range) content, which enhances the color and contrast for a more lifelike viewing experience.

13. Is it necessary to calibrate an 85-inch TV?
While most 85-inch TVs come with factory-calibrated settings, professional calibration can further improve the picture quality and color accuracy.

14. How much does an 85-inch TV cost?
The price of an 85-inch TV can vary depending on the brand, model, and features. Generally, they range from $2,000 to $10,000, with high-end models commanding a higher price tag.

In conclusion, an 85-inch TV offers an incredible viewing experience with its massive screen size. Understanding the width, height, viewing distance, and room size considerations will help you determine if this TV size is suitable for your needs. With the right setup and proper planning, an 85-inch TV can transform your living room into a home theater, providing hours of entertainment and immersion.

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