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    What other providers are available?

    What other providers are available besides the one listed in the other categories. I would like to know if there are alternatives to these big companies.
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    Getting all services from cox

    I have recently gotten my internet and phone from cox, but am not sure about cable programming. Is it worth it to add that on as well. I am have had their service in the past as was not really pleased with it. Has it gotten better.
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    The best place to get this service

    What or where is the best place to get this service. How does or will it effect the digital thing and will there be any other things I need besides their dish and receiver.
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    Will the government use our name and address

    Will the government use our name and address for any other purpose. From their website: How many of really believe this to be true?
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    Needed information

    I think it is really interesting that all they want is a name and an address. Nothing more, but then again I guess nothing else is really needed is it.