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    Meet the new guide, same (colours) as the old guide.

    What happens when you improve the guide but give it terrible colors? You fix what's broke and keep what works. Meet Verizon 1.9.1 :cheers:
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    Image 1.9 from non-disclosure to full preview

    To those aching to get any dirt on the new image known as 1.9 you don't have to scour Rapidshare or Bit Torrent for stolen screen caps or leaked info. You just need to do the following. Tune to either channel 131 or 1952. It's WikiLeaks for 1.9 provided by Verizon. VerizonLeaks...
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    FTA with DirecTV receiver?

    Has anyone been able to get FTA using a DirecTV receiver? Yes, I have Googled and got nothing. I have a basic SD box. I hope someone here got it to work. Thanks.
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    Free Preview for NFL RedZone

    from Free Preview - FreePreview.TV Listings - Showtime - HBO - Starz - Cinemax Free Preview for: NFL RedZone Available to Subscribers of: Dish Network, Insight Communications, Verizon FIOS Free Preview Begins: September 19, 2010 1:00 p.m. EST (Sunday) Free Preview Ends: September 19, 2010 6:00...
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    URGE radio gone

    Music Choice's rival URGE radio (1900-1951) is no longer on. According to some reports URGE itself has ceased operation. Nevertheless, they've always sounded like bad Internet radio while Music Choice has sounded quite good. Bye bye to the B side of cable radio. :dance:
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    Free Preview for Disney Family Movies

    Free Preview for: Disney Family Movies Available to Subscribers of: AT&T U-verse, Charter Communications, Comcast, Cox, Suddenlink, Verizon FIOS Free Preview Begins: September 2, 2010 (Thursday) Free Preview Ends: September 6, 2010 (Monday) A free preview of Disney Family Movies will take...
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    EPIX free preview July 16-18

    Free Preview for: EPIX Available to Subscribers of: Verizon FIOS Free Preview Begins: July 16, 2010 (Friday) Free Preview Ends: July 18, 2010 (Sunday) I'm looking forward to seeing Star Trek. I hope (and expect) VOD will be included in the preview. So once again it's time for me to get my...
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    HBO/Cinemax free preview weekend 6/25-28

    Verizon FIOS Free Previews | FreePreview.TV This should include the VOD selections as was done in the past. I plan on getting my work done so I can enjoy some movies on VOD. :popcorn: P.S. IIRC Epic should be free at the end of this month. I hope they still have "Star Trek" on VOD then.
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    VOD killed the movie channels?

    Verizon recently announced four movie channels were being dropped from the lineup. They are Action Max HD-West, Thriller Max HD-West, TMC Extra HD-West and TMC Xtra HD-West- effective June 21st. The East coast feeds of these channels stay put, however. The real question is with VOD are linear...
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    Should SD versions of HD channels go the way of analog?

    Verizon FiOS more than traditional cable systems as FiOS, IIRC, started as a digital cable service with some analog as opposed to traditional cable who started analog and added digital later on. Should FiOS drop SD channels available in HD to make room for more HD channels? It would mean...
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    Is Verizon FiOS big enough for its own thread?

    In the "Cable and Satellite Providers" section I noticed Verizon FiOS was not listed and assume it's part of the "And the rest" thread. My question is isn't Verizon FiOS in enough locations to be given its own thread? I have FiOS and think it's quite good. Just wondering.