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    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows movie split revealed

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Movie Split Revealed! | Snark Food Looks like that the final book is gonna be two movies in the end, still, I say they're better off making it a 4-hour movie and chopping out things that didn't really add anything to the book. They can change it any time but...
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    Big Brother gets the chop after 10 years

    Big Brother Axed! Well, probably the Reality Show archetype has been put on a bus for a long time. Can't say I'll miss it though, I hate reality TV so much, I missed out on Lost because I thought it was a Reality show. XD
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    Tried Bing out yet?

    I decided to give it a try to find a new image for my desktop, and I used it to find some data on the swine flu (Death count around 2000), and well... Previously, I had Google, YouTube Search, Wikipedia, Final Fantasy Wiki, Photobucket, in my search engines on Firefox... I'm...
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    My cousin just told me this joke.

    A man was sitting in a bar, and this Italian guy sits down next to him. The italian leans over to him and says "Eureka!" The man ignores him and keeps drinking, and the Italian says to him after a few moments "Eureka!" The man continues to ignore him, thinking he's just a bit crazy, the...
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    What do you think was the best anime on Adult Swim?

    Adult Swim being the late-night programming block on Cartoon Network, usually shows anime on saturday nights. I think the best two on that show were Cowboy Bebop and Lupin III. Since I'm a fan of sci-fi, I freaking loved Cowboy Bebop, and since I'm also a fan of incredibly crafty protagonists...
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    So what's your avatar about?

    I decided to get one after being a faceless guy with a fair post count. Anyway, mine is the Merchant from Resident Evil 4. He doesn't have a storyline role, but his accent and his line of "Got a selection of good things for sale, stranga'!" made him quite the icon, considering he sells loads of...
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    Why are closed captions sometimes mistimed?

    I've noticed that on a few channels and programs, most notably Comedy Central and the news, the captions are often delayed by about 4-5 seconds. Being that I'm fairly hard of hearing, I often have them on, but it does annoy me when they're saying one thing and I'm three seconds behind. It...
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    Obama being painted like the Joker

    It's caused quite a stir, but to be honest, all I have to say is "WHY SO SERIOUS!?" about the whole thing. I mean, it's just someone voicing his opinion through photoshop, it's not a big deal.
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    Good news everyone! Futurama might be having the same voice actors!

    IGN: SDCC 09: Bender Comments on Futurama Recasting Keyword being Might, but it's certainly looking good. I seriously do miss Futurama, I've got most of it on DVD but some new episodes would be brilliant. If they get the same VA crew, that would just be brilliant.
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    Has your company gotten this scam before?

    Consumerist - Has Your Office Encountered The Online Yellow Pages Scam? - Yellow Pages We've actually gotten this one fairly often. The first scam got us, and they sent us some stuff as well as a bill. Although, we just flat-out refused to pay it and they backed the Hell down when the boss took...
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    Who is thinking the DTV thing is going down like hot sick?

    Since it started, we've had issues with coupons, people losing lots of channels, channels being compressed resulting in sharp quality loss, and general issues almight across the country. Who thinks that the whole thing was poorly executed? Personally, I think that it would've turned out a lot...
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    Top 100 Reasons Celebs are Idiots

    Who else can't stand those kinds of shows? I see them on the TV Guide for E! and MTV fairly often, and to be honest, I don't really see why anyone would give half a damn about when Schwarzenegger ate at burger king or when Paris Hilton's Chihuahua peed on the Queen Mother's couch. There are a...
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    TV shows that shouldn't have lasted as long as they should've

    We all know them, we turn the dial to another channel, and we think "Why in the Hell is this show still on the air!?" For me, I'd have to say Kids Next Door, it's a good concept for a kids show, but the overall execution of it is rather poor. And Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Adult Swim, I'll admit...
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    Can anyone name a good region-free DVD/Blue-ray player?

    I want to pick up a DVD player, but I consider region lockouts to be <insert excrement from a farm animal here>. Does anyone know a blu-ray player where someone with half a brain took the region encoding and threw it straight out the window with malice?
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    Soldier claims Obama can't send him to Afganistan due to him not being US-born

    Soldier: Obama not U.S. born, can't send me to Afghanistan - Politics AP - *facepalm* People are still going on about that? Why doesn't he just do what he wants to do and quit the army? That's all he wants.