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    Attention TV Viewers: DTV signals are weaker than analog signals...

    Thought this was an interesting story, the FCC is telling TV stations that they must inform people that analog signals are weaker the digital signals. A nervous FCC announces game plan for new DTV day - Ars Technica
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    Internet TV catching on

    Internet taking piece of cable TV business Interestingly enough, the article offers no hard facts on just how many are transitioning to Internet TV, but it'll be fun to watch over the next few years how cable and satellite TV services will try to compete against Internet TV.
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    Man shoots TV over digital television frustration! | Knoxville, TN | Man shoots TV in frustration over digital conversion :eek::D:eek: Just when you thought the whole DTV transition thing was going fine. ;)
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    Is this show supposed to be like a "Reality" TV Show

    I watch this show from time to time, and it's good. I still can't figure out if it's based on a Reality TV show type premise or what? Sometimes Steve Carrell or another actor will wink at the camera, or the camera guy will hide in particular places when a serious "talk" is going on. So what...
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    8 Million Homes Still Not Ready for DTV According to Nielson Ratings

    There are a few websites spreading good news about a recent survey done by Nielson Ratings on DTV, which showed that that more viewers are converting to DTV, but at 8 million total homes still not ready, I wouldn't start celebrating just yet! Broadcasting and Cable kind of tells it like it is...
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    Sony DAV-IS10: Is this a good Home Theater in a box?

    I'm kind of in the market for a small home theater system. Something cheap, not "boomy", yet good enough to play at low volumes in a apartment. It looks like the DAV-IS10 has fallen in price to the $350 price range which is perfect. Does anyone own this system or a previous generation?
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    Government DTV Dollars at work: Nascar "DTV" Sponsor

    I'm not one to argue with the fact that spreading the word about the digital transition isn't cheap. I just don't think I can agree with the FCC's decision to buy advertising on a Nascar race car. The sponsored vehicle is NASCAR team No. 38 and the sponsorship is for three races. Their total...
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    News Story: NTIA says DTV Coupon Requests Increasing in Certain Markets

    Source: Uptick in DTV Coupon Requests Occurring in Markets With Station Blackouts Says NTIA - MarketWatch
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    Finding Channels after installing converter box

    This thread is about using the converter box to automatically find dtv channels after installation. After installing your converter box, you'll want to run the auto scan (also known as auto search, auto program) feature located within the on screen menu to find digital television broadcasts...
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    An inside look at Comcast customer care

    Found a great article on Comcast Customer Care today. I'm actually doing a research paper this next month about customer care and large cable company's, so this article is perfect for me. With over 370,000 calls per month, I can imagine that they stay pretty busy. Funny part is, the VP of...
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    Thinking about going with Cox Cable? Customer Satisfaction Rank Details...

    Looks like Cox Communications recently announced receiving highest honors in J.D. Power and Associates’ 2008 Residential Regional Telephone Customer Satisfaction Study (in the West) according to this article. This makes the win Cox's sixth in a row now. I know the article is mostly aimed at...
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    Carol Burnett lawsuite against "Family Guy"

    I found this little tidbit browsing through the Family Guy Wiki page. I must have missed this story when it first came out in 2007. This seems so rediculous to me that Carol would even consider a lawsuit. Cartoons like the Simpsons and Family Guy have done parody on numerous actors and...
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    Season Premier

    Just wanted to let everybody kow that the "Family Guy" Season premier is on Sunday, September 28, 2008. By the way, this makes it Season number seven, which seems hard to believe?!?!
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    China surpasses U.S. in Broadband Lines

    I wonder why this story makes the front page of news on Google News? It's not that I don't like the idea of China having a great infrastructure for internet connectivity and the's just that why is this so surprising? We're talking about a county that has 4 times the population than...