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    Eating While Watching

    It's evening on a weeknight and you're home. When you sit down to eat dinner, is it normally in front of a screen? In other words, do you prefer to be watching something while eating? My personal response is unless it's a really big group/family meal, the answer is almost always a jubilant yes.
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    Sound Bars?

    In case anyone was wondering, sound bars are legit. I have a Samsung one with a subwoofer, an average priced one, and it works fantastic. Those low volume dialogues in movies don't give me any trouble to hear anymore, even when the volume is low. And that scene when the Enterprise rises out of...
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    Best Characters (not actors)

    Favorite, most realistic--whatever. What are some of the characters from shows and movies that you think the world is better off knowing? As I made my own list, I realized that they're all the same types of characters: they all give off a wrong impression to those around them, but are clever...
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    Wrongfully Ended TV Series

    I feel this thread definitely needed (at least for me). It is to be a vent for all that pent-up rage that you might have about TV shows that were cut or ended prematurely. You have my sympathies. My selected series, although it wasn't too amazing, is the 2009-2010 show Flash Forward. That show...
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    Male & Female TV Characters

    I’ve thought about this before and asked girls I know, but 100% of them think that guy characters are more interesting to follow than girl characters. One of them that I thought would disagree is a feminist. She didn’t. I don’t know how to ask this without opening a can of gender-biased...
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    Stand-Up Comedians?

    My parents love stand-up comedy. A lot. I've been home for Spring Break for a few days and we've watched all three of Brian Regan's dvd things. My dad was in tears for 90% of those things. Does anyone have any other suggestions for Stand-Up comedians to watch? I don't know many. Preferably...
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    Gator Redemption

    The Florida Gators football season was terrible. Fan or not, you have to admit it. Yeah, they had a ton of injuries, but that doesn't change the facts. But this same year the basketball team is tearing it up. They're breaking records all over the place, and they're pretty set for being NCAA...
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    Netflix vs Hulu

    So I only have Netflix. I’ve used Hulu a bit, but it was a while ago. I know that they have some different shows, but is it worth getting HuluPlus if I already have Netflix? I have already seen most of the shows on Netflix, but they come out with stuff frequently enough to where I always have...