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    Converting BUD to FTA

    Hi, I have a c-band dish in the yard and would like to upgrade it to FTA. One company said I would need a new receiver, positioner, and ku/c-band LNBF. Does this sound right? Thanks
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    Loss of leaves=no signal?

    In the early summer I installed a 91XG antenna plus a channel master booster. Since the leaves started falling I cannot receive my local PBS station 3.1 and I cant figure out why. Every other channel comes in at 100% but the PBS was the weakest at 40%. I have included my TVfool report below. I...
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    Antenna TV markets announced

    The list below was compiled by: Antenna TV Affiliates - AntennaTV Antenna TV markets already cleared. More to come. New York WPIX Los Angeles KTLA Chicago WGN Philadelphia WHPL Dallas-Ft. Worth KDAF Washington, DC (Hagrstwn) WDCW Houston KIAH Seattle-Tacoma KZJO...
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    Question: Need advice on antenna/signal

    Hey guys maybe you can give me some advice. I dumped the satelight and put up a channelmaster 4228 I had new sitting around in the garage and a pre-amp, but I can only get one channel WTAJ 10.1 and when the amp is off I cant even get that. I have included my TVfool page below if anyone has some...