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    Vudu on Chromecast

    Streaming TV provider, Vudu, is coming to Chromecast. Google launching Vudu on Chromecast - FierceCable
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    VHS < DVD < Blu-ray < Streaming < What's next?

    Just curious as to what everyone thinks is going to be the next great technology for media and movies? Is streaming the end-all solution?
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    What do you use to watch streaming TV?

    Just curious what everyone here at the forum uses to watch streaming TV? I noticed this past weekend that my family uses 8 devices now, which include: 55" HDTV Apple iPhone Samsung Galaxy S3 iPad Roku Xbox 360 Blu-Ray DVD Player iPod It's hard to believe that just a year ago, we weren't...
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    Hollywood Game Night on NBC

    I haven't been excited for a long time about a new show, but Hollywood Game Night looks like it's going to be really funny. At least according to the previews running on NBC. Each episode will have popular celebrities compete against everyday people in "party games". Jane Lynch will be the...
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    Who will be the next owner of Hulu?

    Looks like DirecTV and Time Warner made follow-up offers for Hulu according to this. I'm not sure that Hulu in the hands of a cable or satellite TV provider is a good thing. Any thoughts?
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    2013 Stanley Cup Finals TV Schedule

    The finals are tied up right now, Boston Bruins 1 - Chicago Blackhawks 1. Anyone watching? Here's the rest of the June, 2013 schedule just in case anyone wanted to know. Game 3: at Boston, Monday, June 17, 8 p.m. EST, NBCSN Game 4: at Boston, Wednesday, June 19, 8 p.m. EST, NBC Game 5: at...
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    What TV shows are you watching? 2013 Edition

    What's on your DVR or TV this year so far? Currently, we're watching: 1. Celebrity Apprentice 2. Family Guy 3. Saturday Night Live 4. The Amazing Race 5. Bob's Burgers
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    Netflix showing pirated Movies?

    Just found this post, So..... Was Netflix using pirated subtitles in their movies or were they actually showing a pirated movie to their users? How exactly did those subtitles make it within the context of the movie?
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    Directv Genie Discount

    I just called to see if I could get a new DirecTV Genie DVR and replace out my old DirecTV DVRs, and they want like $500 total. Are there any discounts right now I can use since I'm already a customer with DirecTV because that is way too much money.
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    LG 84-inch HDTV with 4K Resolution; $22,000

    LG is putting their new 84" 4K Resolution HDTV on sale next month, just in case any of you big spenders are interested. :eyes: LG Launches 84-Inch, $22,000 4K HDTV | News & Opinion |
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    Neo Geo coming back as a handheld gaming system

    Don't know if anyone here ever played on a Neo Geo back in the 90's, but it was one of the most expensive gaming systems made back then. It was awesome in the sense that games were a lot like arcade games. So, was excited to see this article on Yahoo today, The Neo Geo returns this holiday |...
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    Where is FiOS available?

    Can anyone post up a map of where FiOS is available by state? Preferably city and state? A few of my friends have been talking up the internet speeds on my Facebook page. Think I need to check it out.
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    Teacher's Aide fired for not giving up Facebook account info

    Teacher’s aide fired for refusing to hand over Facebook password | ZDNet Funny how ZDNet titles this story and to see all of the mindless comments who cry about first amendment abuse...all in defense of a person that posted a picture of their coworker in a bathroom. Here's the main bit of info...
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    'Unforgettable' on CBS

    Anybody watching this show? Kind of along the lines of a detective show but with a cool premise, the main lead has hyperthymesia, which gives her the ability to visually remember everything. Pretty good show and it's only in the second season. Definitely recommended. Here's Poppy, the...
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    'Prmoetheus' sci-fi movie preview

    I've been waiting for a worthy sci-fi movie to hit the big screen for years, and other than 'Star Trek' I just haven't been satisfied with what Hollywood has been churning out. At WonderCon (comic book convention), a preview for a brand new sci-fi film by Ridley Scott (Director of 'Alien') was...