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    Subchannel Chat (Over-the-air) ie: THIS TV, RTN, Independent Channels

    I was able to confirm the subchannels on WMEU-CD. 48.1 remains U Too in 720p HD. 48.2 is Start TV, a simulcast of WBBM-TV 2.2. 48.3 remains WBBM-TV in 1080i HD. 48.4 is a simulcast of WCIU 26.6 Decades.
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    Subchannel Chat (Over-the-air) ie: THIS TV, RTN, Independent Channels

    CBS Chicago (WBBM-TV) dropped Decades from 2.2, and is now Start TV. Weigel Broadcasting took over carrying Decades, & is now on WCIU 26.6. CBS leases bandwidth on WMEU-CD 48.3 for CBS, & 48.4 for Start TV. I haven't been able to confirm it, but someone else on the AVS Forum board said that...
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    New Channel "Charge" Now on Local Stations

    It's on both WRJK-LD 22.6 Arlington Heights/Chicago, IL, & just added, but not on the website, WJYS 62.3 Hammond Indiana (transmits out of Chicago). I believe Sinclair must be paying Oxford Media Group (company that owns WJYS) to carry Charge, & Stadium (on 62.2), as this is a brokered station.
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    TBD TV Now on Local Stations

    I'm replying to my post, as there's an update. Tribune called off the merger with Sinclair, and Tribune will continue with business as usual, for now. I do hope that the network will eventually be dropped, once the contract is up.
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    Subchannel Chat (Over-the-air) ie: THIS TV, RTN, Independent Channels

    I checked to see where my local stations are relocating. Out of all the stations that are relocating, only 5 are staying on their current channels: WOCK-CD on RF 4 (they have an app to increase their power from either 300 or 810 watts, to 3kw extremely directional to protect a channel 4 in...
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    Losing over the air spectrum=more TV channels

    I thought I read somewhere that the FCC wasn't going to mandate any TV station to upgrade to ATSC 3.0. I read that the new standard was going to be put in place, but it would up to the individual TV stations to decide, if they want to upgrade to ATSC 3.0. I see the big English & Spanish...
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    Subchannel Chat (Over-the-air) ie: THIS TV, RTN, Independent Channels

    I saw this posted on another website, & while I'm excited to see another network over the air, I'm sad that WBBM-TV (and probably most other CBS O&O stations) is dropping Decades for Start TV. In Chicago, Decades will move over to another station within the Weigel group. Unless Weigel can...
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    Question: Replace existing antennas, or relocate one of my antennas?

    Want to give everyone an update on what I did recently. I decided to replace my Winegard HD9032 antennas with an Antennas Direct DB8, along with replacing the cables, & saw a major difference on the UHF. I moved the VHF antenna (Antennacraft CS600) back to the very top of the pole, while...
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    Question: Replace existing antennas, or relocate one of my antennas?

    I posted a while back (nearly a year ago) about a recommendation on a VHF antenna (specifically the Antennacraft CS600). I've owned it for about 9 months & has been a good antenna. I however have a problem that developed. When I originally installed this antenna along with the Winegard HD9032...
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    Do old antennas work with HDTV?

    Until December of last year, I was using this antenna setup. The main combo antenna was pointed at Chicago, while a now 3 year old 2 bay Winegard antenna is used for 1 station south of me. I bought that antenna in 2002 to replace a Radio Shack antenna that came down in a gust of wind. The...
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    Show Us Your Antennas!

    I haven't had the chance to make adjustments to my newly installed antenna array (I've been working almost everyday, including weekends lately), but this is my setup. The UHF antenna pointed east toward South Bend will eventually swung around, pointing NW to be joined with the UHF antenna...
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    Antennacraft CS600 antenna

    Antennacraft CS600 antenna **Update** After being delayedat installing the new antennas last weekend, due to my mother wanting to go shopping on Black Friday, & having to work Saturday & Sunday. The new antenna array is up & the TV picture is brighter. I get WBBM-TV with the new VHF antenna...
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    Antennacraft CS600 antenna

    Since I'm staying at my current residence longer than planned, I'm already getting new antennas, & I have my UHF antennas purchased (2 Winegard HD9032 antennas). I however haven't fully decided on a VHF antenna. Since all antenna manufacturers overall focused on VHF-Hi only antennas & VHF/UHF...
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    Now there's nationwider from metropcs

    I'm still trying to find the Indiana Beach commercial that uses the word "funner".
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    We now have Famouser

    Just when we thought we heard the last of the incorrect English grammar; I was wrong. I just now heard "Famouser in an online commercial for Rhianna Tap. It uses the word famouser. We last heard gooder in the Tropicana 50 & Gain commercials. Here's the commercial on youtube for Rhianna Tap &...