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    I absolutely LOVE this show on ABC Family. I don't think I've missed an episode yet. It's great and really funny. Plus it's easy to follow...even my boyfriend doesn't mind watching it with me sometimes. LOL.
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    Forensics Shows

    I personally love shows like forensic files and there's another one like Dominick Dunn's show. I love watching how they solved the crimes and how the science plays into it all...but I do not like CSI whatsoever. LOL.
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    The Tudors

    Do you like this show? Personally I do. I have always been faciniated about that whole period of time during King Henry the VIII and the reigns of Mary and Elizabeth. But that's just me lol.
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    Last Week's Episode

    I saw it and that Booth has a brain tumor! That is so sad, I can't wait to see what happens with it. Plus I think it's funny how Brennan brought up just using Booth's sperm. I missed like half of the season because my DVR is so tempermental I will have to get it all on DVD as soon as it comes...
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    New DVR's

    Do you think that DirecTV will have the DVRs that the new uverse has where you tape it on one recorder but can watch it from any box in the house?
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    Nintendo or Play Station?

    Nintendo or Play Station? Which do you prefer? I actually like Nintendo more because of the games. They are usually easier and I'm not a huge game person. I don't like the complicated ones. If I'm going to play on a game system it's usually to relax. I love the wii.
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    Violent Games

    Do you let your children play violent games like Halo and similar games? My parents had an easy time with us because none of us really liked those games, we liked the racing ones and ones that weren't shooting...if your kid wants to play Halo how do you prevent him from playing when they are at...
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    System on a budget

    What is the best system or type of system to get when you are on a strict budget? I love electronics but I seriously can't afford to buy a ton of stuff.
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    is it necessary?

    Is a subwoeffer (sp) necessary? I don't like them because they are just big and bulky...or does anyone know of a model that is sharp and looks good or is easy to hide?
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    Blu-ray prices

    I wish I could buy more blu-ray movies but they are so expensive. I only buy the blu-ray movies on action movies that I really want,...everything else I still buy regular dvds and just play them on my blu-ray player. Do you think the prices will go down?
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    Why projectors?

    Why do you have a projector vs a regular tv? Are they better quality? More expensive or less expensive? I personally would want a regular tv.
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    What is too big?

    What size screen do you consider too big? I currently have a 32" I believe it boyfriend and I do want a bigger tv like probably closer to 40" but less than 50". But we are huge movie people and we like our electronics...but the people who have over 50" are I don't like...
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    Least Favorite in the top 7

    Who is your least favorite in the top 7? Honestly I am not a huge fan of lil rounds...I don't know why I don't like her...she can sing but just something about her I'm not a fan about...
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    The one person who I couldn't stand was Tatiana. OMG was she so annoying with her fits of crying to get her way and her laugh and her theatrics...I didn't even think it was funny it was just downright annoying. I thought when she didn't make the top 13 she was balling to the point where she...
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    Mac Games

    Does anyone know of any good games I can play on my Mac? I've been looking for good fun games. I'm not so much into the role playing games but I do like the nancy drew games that are available for PC. Any ideas of what games I should get?