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    OTA STB shipments plummet

    Digital Terrestrial TV Set Top Box Shipments Plummet in Q2, In-Stat Says - Yahoo! Finance If you need a converter box for an extra TV or as a backup for when your pay service goes out, you might want to go ahead and get one. They're quickly becoming a niche market item again as sales drop off.
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    Site loading issues

    I'm having severe problems getting this site to load. Using Firefox 3.0.14 for Linux. Pages basically just won't finish loading. They usually hang after loading this part of the page: In the status window, it usually hangs on: contacting: "" or "" I can get...
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    How many analog channels do you still get?

    How many low power analog TV stations do you still get? Is there anything worth watching on the ones you do get? We only get one, basically a ground repeater for satellite channel Trinity Broadcasting Network. I doubt that anyone watches it.
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    Up to 20 Sub channels?

    US Broadcaster KAXT Debuts Unprecedented Digital TV Service