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    Hello Summerski At 45 miles, you should have access to virtually everything in NY and NJ using my antenna. I don't really see many wind issues with my antenna at home other than the ones we cannot control, and there are many of them beyond our control. This starts with the link from the...
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    Hello again, I have a suggestion for you, and a special offer. I have the perfect antenna for your situation that is attic mountable if that is preferable, and is much smaller than the antennas you mention above as alternatives. There are many factors that apply to break up on windy days, and...
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    The "NEW" internet based Emergency Alert System IS NOT RELIABLE !!!

    IPAWS Outages Reported - System upgrade hits a snag IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert & Warning System) TVTechnology: IPAWS Outages Reported MULTIPLE CITIES – Several broadcasters around the country reported outages to the Integrated Public Alert & Warning System Wednesday. IPAWS is the...
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    The Broadband and Cell Phone industry wants the TV Broadcast spectrum for themselves

    November 2, 2012 A news story in today's local paper stated that over 25% of the cellular telephone sites from Virginia to Maine went down, or were rendered inoperable during the Hurricane Sandy event, and as of today, 15% of...
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    Antenna Question/Tuning Issues

    Antenna manufacturers are dishonest and misleading !! The real problem I see for the most part is your need to receive VHF & UHF channels using one antenna. Unfortunately there are not many choices available in a small package the would be practical for an apartment balcony (Except for my...
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    FOX TV New Antenna (Patent Pending) Data and research and news.

    I will post news and other data on my new antenna. patents are expensive, but if you never try, you never succeed !!
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    Assistance with Reception in Arlington, VA

    Amplified antennas sometimes can saturate the receiver with to much signal, thus causing a loss of reception, and not a gain in reception reliability. There are many different indoor antenna solutions, and you may not even have to go the outdoor route at all., but Fringe is right that your...
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    Question: question re: 1950s rooftop antenna

    Wind loading effects Transmit antennas too !! Unfortunately, the long boom style antenna in the picture is very prone to multi-path signals, simply due to the length of the boom and the excessive amount of driven elements needed to provide any decent gain. Also, believe it or not, wind can...
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    "And I had nothing to do with your leaving this board last year. That was your own choice...well that and another poster you were always at constant logger heads with." It seems that almost every time i would post something back then, there was ALWAYS someone who thought they knew more than me...
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    Tim58hsv "Double loop antennas are nothing new. I even found a pic of an old triple loop antenna" Your picture is not a fair comparison, because it is nothing like the antenna I am trying to define here, although it is based on a similar concept. It is obvious I did not make my self clear...
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    Bob Carver audio components

    I am an amateur singer and music enthusiast. I have a vintage Carver Model C-4000 High fidelity holographic image Control Console, and this processor is fantastic. It was the predecessor to surround sound, way before surround sound became viable. I also have a Carver M-1.5t Magnetic Field...
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    Question: Laptop Interferes with Signal... What to do?

    Does the interference go away when the laptop WIFI is turned off, or when you run it on batteries only? Does it blank out all channels, or just some of them? If the converter is picking up RF through the computer power supply and the AC power lines, you may try a UPS (Uninterpretable Power...
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    Double loop Rough double loop details. This works well, and is CHEAP to build. For informational purposes only !! The outer driven element dimensions can be cut larger and then trimmed to find your best match. Information for experimental purposes only !!
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    Loops do work, and so does my secret design !! Loop antennas do work. Stack two of them together cut at around channel 33 with an insulated center hub and balun, and in essence you will have a C-2 double loop antenna, just like the Clear Stream. Look at the gain numbers for my antenna that...
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    Grounding an Antenna....

    You don't have to have a direct strike to lose equipment. The static buildup from a near by strike can kill RF front ends very easily since most of them are now Integrated circuits instead of discreet components. Grounding is not an exact science since we only know how high voltage acts in...