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    TV Reception/Interference Problems

    Welcome, flo Regarding your second TV reception problem, there are three main reasons digital tuners are unable to convert RF video signals into solid/dependable pictures: too much signal strength (rare), too little signal strength (common), or they are receiving a confusing stream of data...
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    AntennaCraft U8000 8 Bay UHF Antenna HDTV Bow Tie Reviews

    Greg, Thank you for your review. Is your "largest VHF only" antenna designed to receive ONLY high-band VHF? If its a low-band/high-band compromise, this antenna may be a better choice for your location: Jim
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    TREES!... aim for the tops?

    Welcome, Mr Lewp! You have the right idea ... but ... If tilting the "front" of your Yagi-style antenna upwards raises the director elements 4" ... than raising the entire antenna 4" accomplishes the same thing. Television signals travel in layers, so raising OR lowering an antenna by a foot...
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    antenna suggestions

    Will, Here is an antenna that should work well to receive the high-band-VHF and the UHF stations on your list. The two low-band-VHF channels on your list are transmitting on much lower frequencies and (in theory) require a much larger antenna, but this may work for them as well. Shop around...
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    Are they Samsung Television sets?
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    strange channel loss behavior

    Comet, You may be able to recover your lost channels by performing a TV Tuner or converter box "find channels" rescan. Many TV Stations across the Country are in the process of moving their (real) transmitting frequencies do to the sale of TV Channel Frequencies to Cell Phone Companies. UHF...
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    Digital Stream DTV Converter Problem

    Melanie, What do you see displayed on your screen?
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    Simple transformer wrapping question!

    Tedstruck, For rebuilding sources, Google Transformer Rewinding, not "rewrapping".
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    Steve is spot-on and there's lots of information on this Forum about installing antennas for FREE TV reception.
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    problem with RCA converter box

    Welcome, Sunkist The "no signal" message is either coming from the TV tuner OR its coming from the converter box. Since there was on-screen 'snow' I suspect it was a message from your TV. You probably answered your own question: the coaxial cable connecting the converter box to your TV must...
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    Would appreciate advice on antenna choice

    Congratulations,70! We're happy to have helped. How many free channels are you currently receiving? Just a reminder, in the near future many stations will be required to move from their current channels to lower number/lower frequency channels, so you will have to rescan to capture them and...
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    Send Congress a message, to save free OTA Television and Radio

    National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is asking for you to fill in a form on their website, to send a message directly to Congress to make them aware we want to keep free 'over-the-air' Television and Radio available. Here's the link: Take Action | We Are Broadcasters
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    How to locate local TV broadcast towers (Please read before posting)

    David, You can look for photos of different tower services using Google. Regarding free OTA television reception "30 miles" is a random number. Far more important is the direction you need to aim your antenna and the websites listed above tell you both distance and direction.
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    Here is a customer service link for you: DirecTV Phone Number | Call Now & Skip the Wait
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    Antennaweb vs. TV Fool

    * 2019 UPDATE* -------- (This thread and the poll above was started in 2009) AntennaWeb now offers information on the FCC channel "repack". It now provides the new real-channels broadcasters are required to move to. Click the link below, enter your zip code, click the orange 'dot' next to...