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    Kicks off tommorow

    Just wanted to remind everyone that the first episode of the new season will be on tomorrow. I am so excited for some new American Dad!
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    San Andreas Multiplayer

    I am an in-game administrator for a server for San Andreas multi-player and would like to invite people to come and play in our community. We have a great forum and wonderful players from all over the world. The server type is P.V.P./R.P and we hold events for the players all the time. I invite...
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    Spore: PC

    This game is worth checking out if you haven't yet because it is really awesome. You get to start from a small spore and watch as your species evolves. It's pretty vast as far as game play and the character creation and the possibilities are endless. This has become one of my top best games...
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    Adult Swim

    How many of you watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network? I have been watching it for a long time because some of the cartoons that they show are hilarious and a lot of fun to watch. Just wanting to see if there are any other Adult Swim lovers here too!
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    Have any of you checked out the Undercover documentaries that HBO shows? Some of them a really interesting to watch. One of my favorites is Autopsy with Dr. Baden because there are some really odd cases shown on it and it's neat to hear the stories behind the cases.
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    Checked out NY

    I tried to watch CSI: New York the other day, and wasn't really impressed with it. I really got into CSI:Miami so I think I am so used to the characters there that it is hard to watch the other CSI shows. Which one do you like?
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    I like to watch all my cartoons on Sunday evenings and do nothing but veg out. Sunday for me is also laundry day too. What do you do on Sunday?
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    New Season

    The new season for American Dad is noted as starting on September 28,2008. The show has been picked up for 22 more new episodes. The first new episode of the season is titled "1600 Candles". Look out for the all new season!
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    Man VS Wild VS Survivorman

    I watched Survivorman the other day, and I must say, that guy is a complete wuss compared to Bear from Man VS Wild. Bear gets out there and doesn't stop moving until he gets to his destination, he eats anything and goes into strange small place. The guy on Survivorman doesn't even leave his...
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    Old School Cable Providers

    Can anyone remember the older cable companies from the early 80's or from around the time cable came out? I have been looking everywhere to try to find the names of the companies I used to belong to years ago before they were bought out or just disappeared. Anyone?
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    Insight Information

    I checked out the website and it's looks like this company has only been around for a few years. Does anyone have experience with them? I see that they offer bundled packages and I would like to learn about others if they are users of this company.
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    Time Warner to Comcast

    I see that a lot of areas that have Time Warner have been bought out by Comcast. I am wondering how many people this has affected, and if it's affected anyone here?
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    Old search menu

    I remember when Time Warner had a really great search menu for finding shows. Now it takes forever to sift through and search for a specific show, and time for it. I remember you could look up the show, and see all future times available for a few weeks in advance. Does anyone remember that too?
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    Press select to restart.

    Has anyone noticed the notice "Press select to start from the beginning" on certain channels and shows? I never had that before and was wondering if I am going crazy or not!
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    Old Dish

    The previous owner of my house left behind her Dish Network satellite. We don't use Dish Network, and most likely never will. What should I do with it? Any suggestions?