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    Splitter for OTA Antenna Signal

    Good business Fred! Although I'm new I could follow most of what you said. You are way up there on the knowledge scale. I'm just above entry level. 91 channels! WOW! Now I know from TVfool, I think, that I have no where that many even available. Maybe if I take into account 100 miles I could get...
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    Splitter for OTA Antenna Signal

    Russ, I am less than your average knowledge on this stuff. But I have the 4 way hooked up however I do not have all the terminals filled as you do. And I see no loss, actually gain but that might be because we (mrlewp here is my brother, he is the more brilliant in this) my brother and I...
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    Failing to upload new profile photo

    My photo is is only 90X98 pixels and only 4kb. But fails to upload after clicking SAVE CHANGES? :huh:
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    Advice/Help for an OTA antenna setup for Newbie

    This is a small and humble example. I realize many here have much more sophisticated setups. But I've found sometimes when new at projects the ones that answer in forums are far advanced and their suggestions can be expensive and scary. No evidence of that here, (just friendliness and...
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    Question: Couple snags on using the Titan TV Guide. ty

    Of Course. I guess I thought I was the odd one out and everyone else knew. Apologies. 1) You must have an account with TitanTV and login in the uppermost right top 2) Site Preferences again at the at the uppermost right top 3) My Channel lineups TAB 4) Select the channel line up you are using...
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    Question: Couple snags on using the Titan TV Guide. ty

    I have used the Titan TV guide for a long time. I just decided to try to slim it down. The first thing I came across was the following. I use the Philly Area Broadcast. But my first 3 channels, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 are not the 2 I get. My 3 come from Baltimore. I tried going in and changing the...