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    This one's for DTVUser2009: WPSD picks up RTV

    OK, buddy, you didn't like WEHT messing with your RTV, and you've told me you can get WPSD (you lucky guy you), so now you'll have RTV whenever you want. WPSD, according to, now has RTV on channel 6.2. Now that I've made your day, I'm goin' to bed. You may thank me, thank WPSD...
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    Goodbye, Oprah

    Well, it's happened. The queen of daytime talk will announce tomorrow that she's turning the lights out on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" at the end of the show's 25th season. That will be September 9, 2011, and I've got the whole story here. I reported on Nov. 5 that this was a possibility.
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    Converter boxes getting hard to find?

    On our local NBC affiliate's 6PM newscast tonight (14WFIE, for those who might be familiar), I noted that they had a story about converter boxes becoming hard to find in this part of the country (Evansville, IN/Owensboro, KY). Here's their story in print. Following up on that, I did a little...
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    KENTUCKY VIEWERS: KET realigning subchannels

    KET (Kentucky Educational Television) is making some changes to its channel lineup beginning Thursday, Oct. 1. Of particular interest to many viewers will be the move of HD programming from a nightly four-hour block (8PM ET-11PM ET) to what is now KET1. With that move, anything that KET can...